Aliou Danfa Camara




Choreographer, percussionist, djembé, sabar, séourouba


Born at Dakar (Senegal), of a mandingo origin and raised in a family of artists, he carries an artistic education since his childhood, at the Ballet Ritme Africain de Senegal (B.R.A.S.), under the direction of Boubacar Dramé, who taught him the path to Art.

Aliou shares stage with artists such as the honourable saxofonist Bira Gueye and singer Youssou'nDour in many shows and cultural centres, as well as venues such as the National Theatre Daniel Sorano.

He played with great djembé maestros like Tiékroba Cissoko, Bounama Bakayoko (djembé teacher at the Dakar National Conservatory), Johnyba Production and under Mamady Keita’s presence at Gorée.


He has participated in the classes of African dance and percussion at the international school "Djoniba Dance Center" in New York City, with teachers Maguette Laurent Camara and Camara.

In 1994 Aliou joins many ballet companies to gain more experience as a versatile artist, dancer and percussionist amongst other disciplines. He decides to join at the different companies of his country: Meu Siné ballet, Tam tam d'Afrique, d'Afrique Super TamTam, the ballet and ballet Soundiata d'Afrique Noir Sandaga, known in Africa and internationally.

After going through all this experiences with the many dance and percussion “maestro’s”, Aliou and his siblings decide to go back to their natal ballet company B.R.A.S.

Aliou Danfa, was elected as the new choreographer and musical director of the ballet.

Within the company and with the collaboration of the group “Positive Vibration Young Estel Orchestra” (Washington D.C.), they create a show that tours nationwide, and that is awarded with an Honours Diploma by the Embassy of the United States of America at Dakar.

In 2004 he decides to settle in Europe to represent and share the African culture, as he regards himself as an ambassador of his own culture.

He currently lives in Barcelona where he teaches African dance and percussion at many different activity centres and schools, with the aim to spread the African culture and traditions to anyone who is willing to discover it. He represents the ballet company B.R.A.S. as manager, in order to support young and rising artists from Senegal, in their artistic education.